Oh no… Another job?!

Oh no… Another job?!

Times have changed since most employees would stick to just two or three jobs throughout their whole career, looking forward to their retirement.

Your employee is looking for another job… But, what can you do about it?

The job market has developed and moved on!

Generations such as millennials and gen Z are already accustomed to scouring opportunities for greener grass, changing jobs every 2-3 years (if that!).

When you discover one of your employee’s is looking for another job, whether they openly told you themselves, or if you found out some other way, it can instigate reflection: “What is it they’re unhappy with? What can you do with this information? Should you begin looking for a replacement?”

Perhaps you already suspected that they were unhappy, but chose to ignore it…..hoping the issue would go away!

You may even be relieved if your employment relationship has been a trying one. But when it’s a top performer who is well-liked by management and co-workers, you’ll likely be pondering what it is that’s made them look elsewhere?

It’s important to remember that between 2 to 3 years is an entirely reasonable length of employment in this day and age…so, it could just be a natural time for your employee to move on. But if it is a regular occurrence for your employees to spend less than this amount of time working for you, you may want to review your employee retention strategy and/or employee value proposition (EVP).

With the high costs of recruitment, companies should do all they can to improve their EVP and employee engagement.

If this is all sounding familiar, I’m sure we can help.  Just call one of our team and book in a FREE 2 HOUR CONSULTATION where we will give you some great tips and advice on both recruitment and retention strategies you can implement in your business.

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