Becoming An Employer Of Choice

Becoming An Employer Of Choice

In order to attract the best talent, your business needs to offer an attractive proposition to potential candidates. Whether your company sells private jets, holidays or nuts and bolts, there are many ways in which you can strive towards becoming an employer of choice in your region.

It’s not just about money. You don’t necessarily need to offer the best salaries in your market to be an employer of choice, although it obviously helps if you have the budget to do so. Promoting your company brand and culture as being a great place to work, with lots of career and personal development opportunities can be just as much of a “carrot” as offering an extra £1000 a year more salary than the company down the road.

There are a number of ways in which you can help promote your company as an employer of choice, such as: –

  • Have a good company website. Something modern and dynamic looking. Remember – this is your shop window!
  • Have a good careers page on your company website with case studies from existing employees
  • Increase your social media presence. Be seen as an active, current and knowledgeable on what is newsworthy in your sector
  • Have attractive staff benefits. These don’t have to be complex or expensive – just things that will benefit the majority of people. For example, having more than the statutory minimum holiday allowance, free parking or health cover cash plans (which are much cheaper than private medical insurance!)
  • Do free talks at local universities and colleges about your industry
  • Gain relevant accreditation, such as “Investors in People”
  • Entering and doing well at industry awards is always a bonus
  • Reduce your staff attrition

All of the above steps, as well as the obvious things like treating your staff well and maximising positive local PR opportunities will help make your business more attractive to potential candidates.

People are the most important and influential assets in your business, so attracting the best local talent to work for you is paramount to your future success.

This article was originally written for House Magazine on 26th October 2014. To download a PDF of the full print copy, please click here.

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