This archive contains all of our posts related to CV advice, and is useful to anyone looking for support in writing their CV in order to find a new job.

How to Write a CV
07 Mar

In the process of job hunting, the number one item you need is a CV. It’s going to be the key to gaining that role; however, you’re most likely in a pool of many more candidates. A sheet of paper with a few scribbles on it isn’t going to make the employer choose you, that’s […]

How Highly Do You Value Your CV?
21 Nov

Have a quick think now about the most important documents in your life. You know the ones – hidden in the back of a drawer or cupboard that create a moment of panic every now again, when for a split second, you can’t recall that ultra-safe place you put them. Did you think, “an up […]

When Will CVs Move With The Times?
21 Nov

CVs have not moved with the times.  Although the recruitment industry has benefited greatly from technological advances and social media (in particular LinkedIn), CVs still look the same as they did twenty years ago. Why is this?  Is it because two or three pages of information outlining someone’s personal profile, career background and qualifications is still the […]