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Mental Health Matters
21 Nov

Mental health in the workplace matters. Employees who are struggling with their mental health may find it very challenging to work well. One in five even feel like they can’t come in to work at all. Increased absences can lead to their work colleagues starting to feel the strain of an increasing workload. Which can […]

Oh no… Another job?!
28 Oct

Times have changed since most employees would stick to just two or three jobs throughout their whole career, looking forward to their retirement. Your employee is looking for another job… But, what can you do about it? The job market has developed and moved on! Generations such as millennials and gen Z are already accustomed […]

The Changing Tides Of The Recruitment Industry
21 Nov

Having worked in recruitment for over twelve years, I have seen a huge amount of change in the industry. Although the majority of this change has been positive, one thing that is really noticeable and concerning is that the relationship between candidate and recruiter seems to have really deteriorated. Whether you’re an in-house or agency […]