This archive contains all of our posts related to recruitment advice, and is useful to anyone looking for support in hiring their next members of staff.

The Job-Seeker Divide
10 Jul

As a candidate (many moons ago) external recruiters played a significant role in a couple of permanent moves I made in my career. I remember being very grateful to them when I was offered a job, and remaining so in the weeks and months after starting those roles. After all, if they hadn’t put me […]

Deciding On a Career Path
06 Jul

Perhaps I am slightly biased, but apprenticeships are great! With the rising volume of apprenticeship schemes over the years, it is difficult not to argue that they have opened up a pool of fantastic opportunities. For younger job-seekers, the ability to secure a sustained role in a company at a younger age is a popular […]

Job Adverts And How To Make Them Work
24 Nov

Thanks to the internet, job adverts can now reach thousands more potential applicants than ever before – but as with anything, volume rarely means quality. Those of you who have used Intalent, or have spoken to me in the past, will know that rather than advertising jobs, we prefer to target passive candidates using the […]

Becoming An Employer Of Choice
24 Nov

In order to attract the best talent, your business needs to offer an attractive proposition to potential candidates. Whether your company sells private jets, holidays or nuts and bolts, there are many ways in which you can strive towards becoming an employer of choice in your region. It’s not just about money. You don’t necessarily […]

Onboarding… It’s Worth The Time!
24 Nov

“Onboarding, also known as organisational socialisation, refers to the mechanism through which new employees acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviours to become effective organisational members and insiders.” Whilst so much work may have been put into an effective and robust recruitment and selection strategy, it can all be undone very quickly without an effective […]

The Importance of Company Culture in Recruitment
24 Nov

One of the most overlooked selection criteria when companies recruit new staff is cultural fit. Recruiting new members of staff that fit seamlessly into the existing company culture will not only ensure a smooth onboarding process, but will also help ongoing staff morale and ease future attrition. The biggest impact in your business is created […]

Hiring The Best Talent… In-House Or Outsource?
22 Nov

One of the biggest and often most changeable decisions in a business (particularly those experiencing growth), is what functions to have in-house and what to outsource. In the case of recruitment, the overriding decision is usually based on cost versus time. With the recent popularity surge in social media and in particular LinkedIn, an increasing […]

Top Five Tips Every Start-Up Recruiter Should Know
21 Nov

I’m a bit of a newbie when it comes to recruiting but I’ve learnt a lot in 6 months. In particular, I’ve focused on business development within our young Virtual Recruitment Business and I have found the following are the five fundamental areas to focus on in your burgeoning business. 1. Master your online presence. […]

Getting Value From Uninterested LinkedIn Candidates
21 Nov

Having spent the last seven years focusing 90% of my hiring strategy on the sourcing and recruitment of passive talent, I have had my fair share of “I’m not interested” responses. What I have learnt though over the years is that “no” doesn’t always mean “no”, and that a “no” can still often lead you […]