Are you maximising the use of E-Forms in your Recruitment Process?

Are you maximising the use of E-Forms in your Recruitment Process?

Are you maximising the use of E-Forms in your Recruitment Process?

Any opportunity to save time and improve efficiency in the workplace is a big bonus for everyone.

If we can combine that with reducing paperwork and helping the environment – even better!

I remember the phrase ‘paperless offices’ being used around 10 years ago…but it’s never really happened has it? ……….well, not in any of the offices I have worked in across Dorset & Hampshire.

Digital software is now the norm throughout Recruitment Agencies and in-house Recruitment Teams all over the Country, so let’s get smarter with the way we work.

Did you know you can register a candidate and assess their suitability using templates within your Microsoft Word software?  These not only enhance the professional look and feel of your branding, but also gives you professionally laid out forms with minimal spend.

Simplicity of Online Candidate Assessment Forms

The structure of the form can change to accommodate your business’s requirements, but the basic template includes capacity for most outcomes within the assessment process including:

  • Skills
  • Experience
  • Education
  • Training
  • Previous employment
  • Listening skills
  • Interest in the company
  • Strengths and weaknesses

Using this online resource, not only enhances your candidate assessment process, but also means that within minutes you have detailed candidate assessments to email your internal Hiring Manager or external Client – giving them a detailed overview of your shortlisted candidates.

Using online forms is cost effective and timesaving. No more printing off thousands of forms to hand out to applicants. You can save the templates in your file ready for your next interview. With the progress of the new VF Creator from Victoria Forms you can create forms within Microsoft Word.

Applicants Don’t Require Microsoft Word Installed to Sign E-Forms

Although you create the forms in Microsoft Word, your applicant won’t need to have the software installed to sign the document and send it back. The forms enable the user to integrate between mobile and desktop while viewing the e-form, making it accessible for everyone.

PDF availability for the form gives it durability throughout changes and the need for storage. You can make changes within Microsoft Word then send the new form to the applicant within minutes. No need for designers to create forms and use unnecessary budget limits.

With the ease and cost savings of the new VF Creator your business will no longer need the expertise of a professional designer to create branded form or CV templates.

Your forms will give your brand a professional look, which employers look favourably upon, giving you a better chance of winning contracts, boosting your revenue and enhancing brand credibility.

Good luck…..and let’s achieve that paperless recruitment office!

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