Is Sunny Weather Good Or Bad For Recruiters?

Is Sunny Weather Good Or Bad For Recruiters?

This is something I have been thinking about a lot over the last few weeks, so I thought it would be good to put down a few of my thoughts and send them “out there” to see what others thought, and whether they were having the same experiences.

There are certain things I have found when recruiting so far this summer: –

  • LinkedIn InMails don’t work on Fridays, even when you send lots. This is particularly prevalent if the weather is nice over the weekend!
  • It’s easier to gain new roles or clients than it is to find good candidates; unless you’re looking for seasonal hires or graduates!
  • People are generally happier at this time of year but happy potential candidates isn’t necessarily a good thing. Here is why… When people are thinking that they don’t like their job and are open to looking at other opportunities, the drinks with their colleagues at lunch or after work in a sunny beer garden makes things seem not so bad. This creates an “I will look again after the summer” mindset.
  • It’s hard to get hold of candidates, and even harder to try and organise interviews once you have the candidates, as the key decision makers are always on holiday at the most inconvenient times!
  • There seems to be an endless number of recruitment networking events and training conferences and it’s hard to decipher which ones to attend and which ones to avoid.

Personally, I love the summer, and despite some of the above frustrations, give me the summer over the winter any day!

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