Mental Health Matters

Mental Health Matters

Mental health in the workplace matters.

Employees who are struggling with their mental health may find it very challenging to work well. One in five even feel like they can’t come in to work at all. Increased absences can lead to their work colleagues starting to feel the strain of an increasing workload. Which can create a domino effect of stress-related problems, and before you know it, your business is suffering too.

At the cost of thousands per each employee who is absent due to mental ill-health each year, it’s an expensive matter.

Employers have a legal obligation to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of their staff. Failing to adequately address poor mental health in your business can even lead to a disability discrimination claim. In turn, this can result in a damaging employment tribunal. But even more important is the fact that content staff are more productive.

This is the time to change!

Good mental health should be an aspiration just as good physical health is. The difficulty is that it is harder to know when someone is struggling with mental ill-health unless there are very clear signs as a result, or if we’re told, but sometimes we say we’re fine when we’re not.

Without being intrusive or presumptuous, as an employer, you must address and tackle all mental health matters in your workplace. Luckily, there is support available to assist you, the name of this aid is Talent Seeker!

There are easy steps you can take right now to make a positive impact on the mental well-being of your employees. It could start with a simple “How are you?” to open up a conversation about mental health. Your company culture can also impact workplace well-being. Leading by example and fostering a mentally healthy workplace, which leaves no room for stigma or discrimination, let’s employees know that they are respected and working in a safe space.

There are expenses associated with the mismanagement of workplace mental health. If you want to prevent this from occurring, Talent Seeker will take the time to listen to the unique needs of your business. We will provide expert advice on how best you can support your employees, and manage mental health as a whole in your industry.

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