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Oh no… Another job?!

Times have changed since most employees would stick to just two or three jobs throughout their whole career, looking forward to their retirement. Your employee is looking for another job……

Vlogs & Blogs Talent Seeker

New Legislation Sets Qualification Standard for Agents

In an attempt to diminish poor quality "rogue" agents, the Government are bringing in a new rule where all Estate Agents will be required to hold a professional qualification. What does…

Vlogs & Blogs Talent Seeker

These ESSENTIAL Interview Tips are often Forgotten!

There are thousands of blogs on the web regarding the best interview tips and how to become a top-tier interviewee. Listing off extensive interview techniques and interview skills, but missing…

Vlogs & Blogs Talent Seeker

How to Write a CV

In the process of job hunting, the number one item you need is a CV. It's going to be the key to gaining that role; however, you're most likely in…

Vlogs & Blogs Talent Seeker

Are you maximising the use of E-Forms in your Recruitment Process?

Are you maximising the use of E-Forms in your Recruitment Process? Any opportunity to save time and improve efficiency in the workplace is a big bonus for everyone. If we…

Vlogs & Blogs Talent Seeker

Taking The Sting Out Of Rejection

Taking the sting out of rejection Why don’t they like me? What did I do wrong – what more could I have done? These are the questions we all ask…

Vlogs & Blogs Talent Seeker

The Job-Seeker Divide

As a candidate (many moons ago) external recruiters played a significant role in a couple of permanent moves I made in my career. I remember being very grateful to them…

Vlogs & Blogs Talent Seeker

Deciding On a Career Path

Perhaps I am slightly biased, but apprenticeships are great! With the rising volume of apprenticeship schemes over the years, it is difficult not to argue that they have opened up…

Vlogs & Blogs Talent Seeker

Job Adverts And How To Make Them Work

Thanks to the internet, job adverts can now reach thousands more potential applicants than ever before - but as with anything, volume rarely means quality. Those of you who have…

Vlogs & Blogs Talent Seeker

Becoming An Employer Of Choice

In order to attract the best talent, your business needs to offer an attractive proposition to potential candidates. Whether your company sells private jets, holidays or nuts and bolts, there…

Vlogs & Blogs Talent Seeker

Onboarding… It’s Worth The Time!

"Onboarding, also known as organisational socialisation, refers to the mechanism through which new employees acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviours to become effective organisational members and insiders." Whilst so…

Vlogs & Blogs Talent Seeker

The Importance of Company Culture in Recruitment

One of the most overlooked selection criteria when companies recruit new staff is cultural fit. Recruiting new members of staff that fit seamlessly into the existing company culture will not…

Vlogs & Blogs Talent Seeker

Hiring The Best Talent… In-House Or Outsource?

One of the biggest and often most changeable decisions in a business (particularly those experiencing growth), is what functions to have in-house and what to outsource. In the case of…

Vlogs & Blogs Talent Seeker

Top Five Tips Every Start-Up Recruiter Should Know

I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to recruiting but I've learnt a lot in 6 months. In particular, I've focused on business development within our young Virtual…

Vlogs & Blogs Talent Seeker

The Changing Tides Of The Recruitment Industry

Having worked in recruitment for over twelve years, I have seen a huge amount of change in the industry. Although the majority of this change has been positive, one thing…

Vlogs & Blogs Talent Seeker

Getting Value From Uninterested LinkedIn Candidates

Having spent the last seven years focusing 90% of my hiring strategy on the sourcing and recruitment of passive talent, I have had my fair share of "I'm not interested"…

Vlogs & Blogs Talent Seeker

Is Sunny Weather Good Or Bad For Recruiters?

This is something I have been thinking about a lot over the last few weeks, so I thought it would be good to put down a few of my thoughts…

Vlogs & Blogs Talent Seeker

How Highly Do You Value Your CV?

Have a quick think now about the most important documents in your life. You know the ones - hidden in the back of a drawer or cupboard that create a…

Vlogs & Blogs Talent Seeker

When Will CVs Move With The Times?

CVs have not moved with the times.  Although the recruitment industry has benefited greatly from technological advances and social media (in particular LinkedIn), CVs still look the same as they did twenty…