A range of resourcing solutions to meet every hiring need

We passionately believe that people are the most important aspect to a successful business.

In order for your business to attract, recruit & retain the best talent in your sector, there must be reasons for the best people to choose to work for your business ahead of your competitors….and stay there. This doesn’t always have to be salary related – it could be that you have a great company culture, a brilliant reputation for personal and professional development, a great staff benefits package, a collaborative team culture where everyone feels highly valued etc.

Whether you’re looking for Executive Search, Ad-hoc Recruitment/Headhunting, HR services, or a complete 360 degree Recruitment & HR solution, we offer a range of options to fit your resourcing needs and budget.

Services Talent Seeker

  • Headhunting the best talent for your business
  • Engaging talent in your company culture and values
  • Enhancing employer brand
  • Extensive shortlisting to ensure you only deal with suitable candidates
  • Managing all candidate correspondence
  • Ensuring a positive ‘candidate journey’
  • Managing stakeholder communication
  • Arranging interviews and assessments
  • Negotiating job offers
  • Providing feedback to unsuccessful candidates
  • Obtaining references (if requested)
  • Support with offer letters (if requested)
Services Talent Seeker

All the above services, plus:

  • Becoming your complete Inhouse Recruitment Team, or an extension of your existing one, spending time in your office to fully embrace your working environment and culture
  • Working collaboratively with your Directors and Hiring Managers on talent acquisition, building talent pools, employee engagement, EVP, succession planning and more
  • Working strategically on your short, medium and long-term talent acquisition strategy to reduce your cost per hire, time to hire and staff turnover
  • Being the single point of contact for all resourcing related matters, both internally and externally
  • Eliminating your need to pay any other recruitment related fees
  • Acting as brand ambassadors of your business
Services Talent Seeker