Social Media

Social Media

The term social media is as commonplace today as big hairstyles were in the 80’s or bright colours were in the 90’s! But is this just another tech trend like the pager, or will it evolve into an integral part of our lives like the transmutation of digital satellite to on demand and in app?

With all other forms of media becoming social it’s only a matter of time before the recruitment process moves away from the multiple stage apply/interview method to a far more in depth and thorough vetting process.

All this of course means spending more time.

Time on sourcing, time chasing candidates, time waiting for call-backs which never come, and time on candidates who were ‘just about to email it across’.
You have a business to run – suppliers chasing for payment, unfulfilled orders and demanding customers.

You also need to rest, spend time with family, socialise, and maintain a ‘work life balance’… Whatever that means?

Suddenly the prospect of a recruitment partner seems ever more appealing…

After all, it is true that they take away all the stress and challenges.

Unlike the 24/7 world of social media, you don’t always have to be switched on.
It’s OK to switch off.
It’s OK to rest.
It’s OK to have a Talent Seeker!

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